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We are a little IT company based in La Spezia Italy. Take a look at our case history to know more about our areas of expertise.

Our Projects - Typical day-by-day time sharing

Applications Development - 50%


PMO & Shared Services - 20%


Technical Architecture - 20%


Infrastructure & Support - 10%


Project Outsourcing - Are you looking for a team of professionals (Architects, Developers, UI/UX Designers, and IT Professionals) to achieve your results easily and smartly, even when leveraging complex tools? Contact us for a custom quote and we will be glad to assist you.

We can support your company to migrate from on-premises to Microsoft Office 365. We can design the architecture of your infrastructure, we can federate your identities, and we can define hybrid topologies for leveraging both on-premises and on the cloud workloads in a unique and integrated scenario. You can outsource to us the whole process: analysis, design of topology, deployment of cloud-based IaaS services, tenant provisioning and management, content migration, workflows migration, and migration of custom solutions from FTC (Full Trust Code) to CAM (Cloud App Model).

We can implement solutions based on SharePoint 2016 (or earlier editions) providing professional consulting and development services. You can outsource to us the whole process: business requirements analysis, farm topology and sizing, taxonomy, artifacts provisioning, customizations development (SharePoint Apps, Apps for Microsoft Office, custom workflows, Web Parts, custom extensions, and so on), farm deployment (test, staging, production) processes and documentation, disaster recovery plans, governance and monitoring rules.

Developing a Windows Store App for Microsoft Windows® is a challenging task and a real business opportunity. However, to proudly achieve your results, providing usable solutions, ready for the public marketplace (Windows Store) you need to engage a huge amount of energies. You can outsource complex tasks or the whole project development to our expert developers, which will be assisted and adviced by the consultants part of our team.

We are known for providing client-centric model service
Our company and its dedicated team help our clients to achieve their business objectives.

Business and System Analysts


Software developers – (Front-end, Middleware, Back-end, Front-to-back, Devops)

Project Managers

Program Managers

C# experts (currently using .NET Framework 4.x), XAML, WCF, JavaScript, ASP .Net MVC, and MVVM patterns.
With technologies constantly evolving, it is critical to align business strategy with well-crafted application development and maintenance strategies.
SDS has many years’ of experience in robust, cutting-edge software development, and has been a leader in providing high quality IT professionals to help our clients meet the most challenging deadlines comfortably. We also offer our clients completely managed end-to-end application development and ongoing maintenance solutions at both enterprise and entrepreneurial levels.
Versed in the most up-to-date, current technologies with optimized development methodologies and life-cycles, our highly experienced and skilled professionals have helped our clients take stock of the various legacy applications, create a Buy vs. Build decision matrix, consolidate IT programs and re-evaluate maintenance programs to ensure the most optimal, efficient and cost-effective release cycles.

Business Analyst

Business Intelligence Developer

Data Analyst

Data Architect

Data Engineer

Data Integration Developer

DB Developer

Reporting Analyst

The world’s ability to produce and disseminate torrents of real-time data at volumes and speeds greater and faster than before has outstripped the ability of businesses to harness and use it intelligently. And the ability to implement the know-how to aggregate, analyze, and monetize this data-surge has become a top-priority within corporations. At SDS, we know that Business Intelligence is a key strategic business driver in today’s global marketplace. By assembling Business and Data Analytics staff who combine deep expertise in IT business processes, advanced analytic techniques and development of real-world applications, Collabera is perfectly positioned to provide our clients the ability to make critical business decisions using BI and Data Analytics. Our seasoned team bring with them the ability to span an entire spectrum of services – from organizing to extracting and transforming data to mining and analyzing them, utilizing effective business intelligence. Our staff has long-secured a firm foothold in what promises to be one of the key differentiators to business success and corporate growth in today’s global business environment.

Technical Development and Administration

Functional Configuration and Support

Business Analysts

Project Managers

Change Management & Training

With innumerable applications tailored to a dizzying array of business processes, and with increased cost efficiency and human “bandwidth” a priority in businesses, a highly effective Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) strategy to streamline operations has become a necessity for many companies. Whether integrating nuts and bolts operations to traditional ERP or assimilating Cloud ERP, SDS understands that the daunting task of integrating disparate technologies with logistical operations and supply chain, unique to each company demands that only the most current, up-to-date, and competent knowledge-based personnel be employed to the task. Whether you need to streamline your processes across procurement, manufacturing, service, sales, finance, or HR, SDS is dedicated to leveraging integration tools and highly qualified personnel to attain economies of scale possible with full-scale system and software integration.

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